Monday, March 10, 2014

Reduce prejudice ex

Reducing prejudice.


 Good example would be attempting to establish good program or tips about reducing prejudice on the internet which can be easily accessible from anywhere by any person. In these days, the internet is the most easiest and powerful media where people can just search through the internet with a phrase, 'how to reduce prejudice?'.
 What I find on the internet is suggesting a strategies to reduce racial and ethnic prejudice with a principal of intergroup relations. Also, according to the Stanford study article, it presents the idea that social connections hook the common interest of different cultures and engagements on behavior in that interest which can reduce the conflict or implicit bias.

 Bad example would probably be vague suggestion and definition on what does the mean by reducing prejudice. Following examples tries to convey the method to decrease of prejudice but it is barely explained to get people fully understand on the essential of concept on social psychology.

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