Monday, March 31, 2014


This article was interesting because it went against groupthink. I can see why groupthink is a positive progressive way of living, but after reading this article I can really see the cons, which I didn’t think about before. Being an artist, I really enjoy working alone. I come up with my own ideas in my head when I have time to be by myself and let my mind wander, without interruption. There are definitely certain types of projects that would work better if a group collaborated, but that can’t be said for everything. In schools, teaching young children with only groups, like the jigsaw classroom is a good thing, because it allows the children to help each other, but it leaves very little room for them to grow as individuals. Sometimes it is important to have to struggle on your own, and figure out a problem by yourself, because there isn’t always going to be other people around to help. I think people should be able to work with a group well, and work individually. People can’t get used to always relying on others, because it is impossible to have other people constantly around to help with every little thing. Another thing that was mentioned in this article was religion, and how some churches are asking people to “love Jesus out loud.” I think this is an issue because something like religious beliefs are very private. People should have the option to keep to themselves and have their thoughts be within them. It isn’t fair for people who are not vocal, and naturally introverted to have to speak out and share everything. That goes for many things in addition to religion, some people prefer not to talk about things, and they should be able to continue to have that freedom.

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