Saturday, March 29, 2014

What are good / bad prejudice?



  • Male Pride And Female Prejudice
    This article talks about prejudice of sexual role in the marriage. Misperception that people may have for their marriage which is man should have better pay checks than their wife and it is general idea that woman marry a man with better incomes. I believe that this study made effort to have people involve in this issue because marriage issue is a familiar topic that one must have their interest in. By giving out comparison examples, it clears out what are the prejudice that people have and what needs to be changed within the culture of marriage.

  •  Indian couple who lost their law firm jobs due to 'forbidden love' at center of first caste discrimination tribunal
     I think this article shows some good example of what are the critical prejudice that are still exist in current state of time. Like an example of 'blue eyes and brown eyes example' that we've watched during session, this example has some convincing story and ideas that how prejudice brings negative affects to people and regulate one's freedom. Using a case of Indian couples who get unfairly fired is a good for people to remember unfairness of prejudice and likely to stay in their mind.

  • Bad news and good news about racial prejudice
   I personally believe that this type of article does give clear sense what are the intentions that writer had initially, however it does not emotionally sticks into the topic and problems within the articles. It clearly states what are the racial prejudice in United States even though 'racial equality' have been publicly stated. It gives experiments by testing comparison of treatment between Caucasian and colored people. And gives out statistical numbers. However, this type of experiments do not give any impression and will not convince them. Because it does not gives out solution of the problem.


  • Food and Prejudice
    I personally think that what this article delivered as a content may be controversial. I do think that there is  a misperception to food that one have toward unfamiliar food. However what it says in article is too generic and does not convenience readers fully to the problems. 

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