Saturday, March 29, 2014

How Group Changes What We Think


  I found this article that is interesting because it gives the point that how group changes individuals. The point of the article starts from the idea how human behavioral norms are established in groups and how they evolve over time. This materials were not covered during session and I believe that this article will stimulate us into more further and will give more sense to social norms in various aspects.
    This article studies how new ideas and innovations are introduced and spread within a group. Researchers have linked idea of relationship between innovate and social norm as one of the example to show group affectation to individuals in this article. What we can find out is that more innovative and creative people are somewhat isolated from the rest of the group. Being too much a part of a group will constraint one's ability to think outside of convention. What I personally think the most interesting is, ironically innovators may be isolated in the social group, however the group often adopts "isolated innovator's innovations" because these new ideas or object are an accessible way for members of the group to bond or signal solidarity.
   What researchers found in research in this article evoke thoughts of behavioral tendency of innovators in social group. I could say this kind of situations may appear in Pratt campus more often than other colleges because of the character that Pratt has. We can easily find similar cases in campus, class and etc. Because of that I give more interest in this topic.

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