Thursday, March 13, 2014

Awesome Playgrounds!

All the playgrounds listed on this site are pretty awesome, but the four that I like in particular are Rainbow Nest – Japan, Clemyjontri Park – USA, Takino Hillside Park – Japan and Nishi-Rokugo – Japan. The Rainbow nest in Japan is really great because it's just so colorful and would appeal to kids a lot. I know that even at this age I could just sit and hangout in this net for some good couple of hours. The Clemyjontri Park in the US is another one that is so appealing because of its color and also the size of the playground alone is overwhelming but in a good way. The only worry about this place is that it seems so large in area that it would be hard to keep track of or keep up with your kid! The Takino Hillside Park is basically Teletubbies land come to life. I like this playground because it allows kids to run in the grassy field and interact with nature. Lastly is the Nishi-Rokugo playground of Japan. A fire-breathing dragon made by over 3,000 tires and robots. Enough said there. With the size of the dragon and the large playground itself this place would be overwhelmingly fun for kids.

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