Sunday, March 23, 2014


The first playground that I found is a modular playground that can be rearranged into many different structures. The element of customization may bring children together to create larger, more complex structures. The playground may also invoke a sense of bonding between children as they play on structures that they themselves create.

Modular Playground

The second playground includes an electronic interactive area. Children can come together and work together to solve puzzles, or other fun activities. In a playground where breaking down prejudices were the goal, these interactive areas may include group activities or other unifying games.

Interactive Playground

The third playground I found incorporates a digital soccer game. Children stand on top of a mat-like structure and play a touch sensitive version of the beloved sport. This interactive feature will create friendly competition between children and, hopefully, friendships.

Soccer Playground

The Last playground I found includes a wall for children to scale. This feature is much like the soccer game, where children will gather around the feature and spend time in close contact with one another. This will hopefully spark conversations, fun, and friendships.

Wall Playground

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