Monday, March 24, 2014

Four Playgrounds

Oro De Oso Lake Park 

This playground is one I've actually been to, and have seen first hand how accessible it is to all children, even those with disabilities and wheelchair needs. It was conveniently made to cater to those with disabilities, in which the ground was made with a harder material so that those in wheel chairs can easily get around, but also soft enough so that children running when they fall, are not hurt by concrete. The overall design makes all parts of the park and playground accessible to all children.

Dino Park 

This playground was very interesting to me because of its theme. Dinosaurs are usually something children are drawn to anyways, but the playground also has the learning element, by showing them what fossils look like, and how to excavate and such. seeing as there aren't the typical playground equipment, it leads the children to use their imagination when playing on the structures.

 Nature inspired playground
This playground in particular I thought was very appealing to the eye. There weren't any harsh colors, but it really just blended into nature. The natural wood like texture and rocks made it seem like the children would be playing in the actual outdoors, not just a playground.

The Trinidad, Copenhagen. Designed by Monstrum
The Trinidad, Copenhagen. Designed by Monstrum 
I thought this playground I found was interesting because of it's specifics;the design is catered to those ages 2-5, as it was built lower to the ground and at a smaller scale for the smaller children. I liked that it wasn't the standard size playground that is supposed to be for all children, but something safe the younger children can play on.

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