Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sanitization of sandbox and why it should need..

This article suggests the way to clean the sand box in the playground and why it needs.
   For both indoor and outdoor sand play, keep eating and drinking areas separate from the sandbox.Whether people use an outdoor sandbox or an indoor sand tray, keeping the sand area sanitized and clean is important for preventing the spread of germs.
After outdoor sand play, use a soft brush to remove any sand particles from children's clothes before they go back inside.Discard sand that falls on the floor or ground or save it for spreading on steps and walkways during winter; it suggests that do not place the contaminated sand back in the sandbox or table. If their childcare program uses sand as a resilient surface around play equipment, covering the entire sand area each night may not be easy.
Uncovered sand may be an inviting litter box for roaming cats and birds, and bees may be attracted to food or beverage particles that children leave behind.
 During indoor sand play, keep a broom and dustpan near the indoor sand table so spills can be easily cleaned up.
Both indoor and outdoor play sand should be discarded and replaced every two years. If a child has a diaper accident or diarrhea in a sandbox, replace the sand immediately and sanitize the sandbox before use to prevent potential illness.
   To prevent the spread of germs, children should wash their hands immediately before and after sand play. If people replace sand and cover sandboxes from insects and animals as recommended, the risk of spreading diseases (such as ringworm) via sand is low.

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