Sunday, March 30, 2014


The first example of a cool playground in NYC that I found was the Seaside Wildlife Nature Park. This park is incredibly cool with an immersive nautical theme. This theme is perfect for the park's seaside location because kids can play out their ocean themed fantasies with a view of the actual ocean in the distance. The only negative aspect of this park is that it took a whopping 2.49 million dollars to create.


The second example of a good playground in NYC that I found is the Imagination Playground. This park was designed by the architect David Rockwell. This park is very unique with the goal of unconstructed play so children can use their imaginations to their full extent. This form of play is considered to be crucial to the development of children socially and creatively which applies to our playground design project perfectly.


The first example of a terrible playground that I found is the Admiral Triangle Playground. This playground is atrocious surrounded on all three sides by busy streets one of the being the highway. Nothing is more depressing for a kid then seeing millions of unhappy people bustling by as they try to have a good time and use their imaginations. The playground consists of a few stairs and a metal slide. That is it. The sparse playground equipment is old and worn out as well.


The second example of a bad playground that I found is Lozada Playground. With warped rusted metal slides and chipped led based paint it is hard to find a park worse then this. This playground was built in 1987 and it looks like it hasn't been maintained since then. The restrooms are constantly dirty and un stocked. The roof of the restrooms is peeling off due to years of water and sun exposure. Also adjacent to a bustling highway this park is not only physically dangerous but depressing to behold.

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