Sunday, March 30, 2014

NY Playgrounds

Throughout NYC playgrounds, there is a decent difference between those that are good and those that are bad.  Two playgrounds that I think are interesting, good playgrounds are Teardrop Park, in downtown Manhattan in Battery Park City,  and Imagination Playground, at Burling Slip near South Street Seaport.  Starting with Teardop Park, I find the playground well designed to fit into a landscape.  It seems as if you are in a different place, other than New York because of the atmosphere of rocks and trees that interact with the childrens’ environment.  The park was designed for this reason, allowing children to interact with these natural materials in order to have fun.  Imagination Playground also goes along with this idea of interacting with the environment to create something fun.  This playground allows the children to manipulate and create their own space with sand, water, and loose parts.  By making the kids imagine and build something also allows them to work together to create forts etc.  

After these two great parks, I just chose to look at two parks in the area, which I have seen and experienced that I believe are not great.  They are the Willoughby Playground, right next to campus, and the Marcy Playground, down the street on Myrtle.  Both of these playgrounds are just generic, standard playgrounds that do not interact with the children on any other level.  They are just the standard structures for playgrounds; this does not work on the level of interacting with people for an outside group because a lot of what they can do is singular and do not need to have others to participate.  

In comparing the parks, it makes one wonder why these parks have to be this way.  Even though there is a limited amount of space for the playground, that does not mean they cannot be interesting and interactive.  This thought should be challenged so that children in all different areas get a rich playground for interaction.

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