Monday, March 24, 2014


The first playground is a very stylized Spanish playground that uses light, strong linear design, and color to create an exciting unique environment. I especially like this playground because of how well designed it is. I think that people assume too often that kids do not care or notice good design but I believe they do even if it is just subconsciously.

The second playground is titled Woods of Net in Japan. This park is incredibly cool because it uses non traditional playground materials to create a different texture than is usually found in playgrounds. Not only is it a playground but an interactive art installation which I believe children would really respond to.

The third playground is The Brumleby playground in Copenhagen. This playground resembles a Dr. Seuss environment with twisted bridges and warped buildings. As a Seuss fan I think this playground is very inspiring and an interesting take on the usual buildings seen in playgrounds.

The fourth playground I found is another Monstrom designed playground called The Trinidad. This playground is made up of a sinking ship hull and life rafts "floating" on a rubber ocean. This playground is incredibly cool because it opens up the imagination of the child playing and provides props that can not be found elsewhere.

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