Monday, March 24, 2014

Steps to remove prejudice: Some that have worked and some not.

    The first article I would like to share is the one of Ellen Page coming out. This has been received in many ways. On one side of the spectrum, many people are glad that such a big celebrity would come out and make it easier for others to join her. But on the other side, some say there was too much publicity around the event, thus making her coming out as an abnormality, not something that happens everyday.

    In the second article, which also had mixed reviews, they mention the Coca Cola commercial that appeared first during the Super Bowl. The commercial consisted of the American National Anthem being sung in multiple different languages to show the cultural diversity of America. Personally, when I first heard it, I was confused but pleasantly surprised. Others have seen it as "If you live in America, learn English". This method of reducing prejudice was not so successful as it intended to be.

    Thirdly, there was an article on inter-racial relationships on TV. It talks about modern day television shows exploring diverse couples and different power roles than one would expect. It's great that these things are being displayed on TV more regularly; it brings people to believe that it's not a big deal, which it shouldn't be. I believe that this has been semi-successful, as long as they continue it.

    The last article consisted of a successful step to remove prejudice. Today's sci-fi shows delve into major special effects, focusing more on the plot than the fact that difference in race exists on the show. They are so casual about race, compared to the late 1960's concerning the Star Trek inter-racial couple issue. By integrating them and focusing on other aspects, the  have successfully diverted the attention and promoted diversity.

    -Emily Szentkuti

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