Sunday, March 23, 2014

Playground designs

I included this image because I found this to be a innovative and creative addition to a park. Im sure children and parents alike can appreciate this from a design aspect. In connection to intergroup contact theory, the innovation of the design would spark interest and possible conversation between parents, as their children play on it. 

This boat design, reminded me of an study I used for my Intergroup Contact Theory paper. In the study Pettrigrew (1998) commented on an a phenomena that happened aboard a newly desegregated Maritime boat. The research found that because of the common goals upon the boat the relations between white and black workers improved. So by this playground having a boat like design there could be a possible outlet for a similar occurrence. 

I just liked the idea of the chalk boards as a way art can be incorporated into playgroups. There is a therapeutic aspect to art that can definitely have its functions in an intergroup situation. Anxiety is very much a part of what keeps opposing groups from interacting, and art, in this case the chalk boards, can possible act as a slight anxiety reliever. 

The same way art has a therapeutic aspect to it, music does to. I choose to include this image of musical instruments for a similar reason I chose to include the chalk boards above. Also the way that these particular musical instruments are set up, everyone is facing each other, and have to work together to make a collective noise. 

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