Monday, March 24, 2014

Postitive and Negative Attempts at Reduction of Predjudice

This article is interesting because I can see it working negatively and positively. Here it works positively. This supports Contact Theory so I think it is a GOOD way of reducing racial prejudice. I can see it somewhat in Brooklyn where most people are tolerant of one another but that is about where it stops, tolerance. People tend to tolerate each other just enough to not yell obscenities at one another.

This is an example of a BAD way of attempting to reduce racial prejudice. Nothing says there is not equality like giving the black population a month for appreciation and history and then making it the shortest month of the year. Even if that wasn't intended it still comes across that way,

I think this article is a GOOD example of constructive ways to decrease one's own prejudices. I especially think this article is good because it talks about addressing one's guilt which is key for changing things. If someone wants to change anything in their life they must destroy their current guilt and move on.

This article shows more of a middle ground but overall I think it is BAD. Obama honors minority soldiers from three of our nation's recent wars. I understand the thought behind it but I think it just draws more eyes to the fact that the United States has a very racist past. Besides a medal won't undo any of the discrimination hurled at these men however many years after the fact.

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