Sunday, March 23, 2014


This playground stood out to me because I have been thinking a lot about circles being a shape to promote everyone playing together. I like how there is every color included in this web, and that its bright and attractive to children. I like how the colors go around and around so the actual structure encompasses a variety. I think it would be very difficult to have children segregate in this type of environment, which is another reason why I find it to be really successful.

Just the fact that the playground looks like a world is already including everyone. Again, there is a focus on the circle, and many things surrounding spaces in the center. This playground also has a labyrinth, which is good for all kinds of children to work together to get to the other side. 
This park is made out of tires, and i like this because everything is the same. Kids can just run around and jump and climb through tires, which doesn’t create any kind of separations between different groups. Tires are also used by every type of person and have no color that belongs to any specific group. This seems like a place that has many options for kids, and many tires so that children probably wouldn’t be fighting over anything. 
This park is impressive because it is accessible to all types of children, including the disabled. this makes it so that all the children can play side by side. I think this is really important to help the well and disabled connect, and especially for the disabled to be able to be included in daily activities and life of normal kids. 

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