Thursday, March 27, 2014

nyc playgrounds

Vanderbilt Street Playground, Prospect Park (Photo: Street Playground, Prospect Park
While much of this park does contain the usual suspects when it comes to equipment, what i found interesting is the two structures that are pictured in the photo. The star shaped rope structure looks like a lot of fun for the children and great for interaction between different children because of the small interact space. Prospect Park area is dominated by both rich and poor neighborhood so the location is prime for intergroup interactions. 
Francis Lewis Park Playground (Photos: Stephanie Moy)

Francis Lewis Park Playgroup, Queens 
This park in queens looks like every other park but it incorporates sensory play into its design. There are drums and music spaces, and telescopes. This incorporates children with disabilities while engaging able bodied children. 

Imagination Playground, South Street Seaport
This playground focuses less on the equipment but on imagination. Using items like large foam blocks (as pictured above) to encourage interactive problem solving, and playing. There is also a large sand pit, sound, and water elements. In spaces like this there is less focus of play on things, and more with playing with people, which really encourages intergroup contact. Right next to the park is south ridge sea port docks which is very attractive area for many different kinds of people to come and interact in. 

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