Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Reducing Prejudice


A good way of reducing prejudice is through sharing information and experiences among groups. Prejudice largely develops because of assumed critics of a whole group of people. However, with the direct spreading of knowledge between groups and reduce prejudice. In this article it speaks of the prejudices attached to the LGBT community and how to reduce judgment put onto them as a whole group. The article says through simply sharing experiences to family, friends, and neighbors it can cause a domino effect of reduction of prejudice.

Another good way of reducing prejudice can be seen through the extent of education in an individual and how they value school and education. A study made by Stanford University researcher Carol S. Dweck shows that an importance in education for an individual leads them to be much more excepting of change and learning new things. With this knowledge we can take that educated people and groups will be more susceptible to changing their minds or opinions.


I found this articles that a bad way to reduce prejudice directly correlates with the exposure of diversity and it's importance to groups working together. It says that most prejudice is produces through the division of "us" and "them". Creating such clear divisions of groups causes prejudice and separation. Daily interactions with other groups and as much elimination of a groups "identity". However, it is not that simple. Groups that are not used to exposure to each other, or just having groups exposed to each other and not interacting can help actually cause more prejudice and assumptions.

In this article is addresses how belief in God and a religion leads to prejudice against homosexuality and atheist. However, this whole article is silly. Saying that because someone believes in one thing, that they will immediately be prejudice towards someone that believes the opposite is somewhat of a prejudice idea. This article classifies God to a strict Christian religions that directly follows the bible, however there are many groups, such as Quakerism that is the belief in God and the bible but is based directly on acceptance and deriving the teachings of Jesus to do good to others. This article is built off of a stereotype it's self. Also belief in God is very different than being closely connected with a religious group. The belief in God or a higher power can be something that is very individual based.

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