Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inspiring Playgrounds

I found these four playgrounds, that I believe are interesting and can be looked at as influence.  Wall-Hola in Amsterdam is the first playground. It is very inspiring because the maze-like layout that makes the children interact with each other to get through the obstacles.  The second playground, Sculptural Playground in Schulberg, Germany, is similar the to the first in the fact that it is also an obstacle.  However, it interacts with its environment more.  I believe the way is uses its environment will be helpful in designing a playground.  The third playground is Belleville Park Playground in Paris, France. It was interesting in the use of space in different ways, from the overall layout to the individual sections that each entail a different activity.  Finally, they fourth playground is The Forest of Cherry Blossoms at Moerenuma Park in Hokkaido, Japand. It uses a lot of separated different shapes in a cohesive way.  This can help when thinking out the specific structures to build within a playground.  There are so many amazing playgrounds all around the world, these are just a few.

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