Saturday, March 29, 2014

New playground typology

This Playground project is done by The Centre for Visual Arts to develop unconventional, inventive and playful objects for new public playground in the western Netherlands city of Dordrecht. What I found interesting in this project is that architect aimed to engage kids of all ages in densely populated suburbs. This Carousel contains a forest of revolving ropes that are set at different heights. The carousel is strategically designed so that as one moves away from the center, the length of the ropes become shorter. This divides the carousel into different spaces and age groups, sending younger children towards the center to play while taller, older children can hang on the outside. This strategical play have strong character of inter group situation that diverse age group will be gathered however will be segregated by their age while their play.

*This project is under modification for construction and will eventually attract many visitors and residents to Governeusplein square. Dordrecht is very dense area and does not include much infrastructure like this, so it is sure to be a center of play and education 

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