Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How Public Sandboxes Sanitize Sand and How to Sanitize a Sandbox



These two articles cover different methods to cleaning and sanitizing sandboxes, whether they are public sandboxes or sandboxes of your own. These two methods for keeping the sand in a sandbox clean is through sifting and sanitizing the sand. The first method os sifting sand is to get rid of all the unnecessary debris in the sand such as broken glass, cigarette butts, bottle tops, stones and small pieces of wood. The way the sand is sifted is at regular intervals. This type of cleaning is usually done by sifting the sand 6 inches quarterly and 12 inches annually.

Since it was found that a public-park sandbox has the highest level of bacteria, sanitizing the sand is also important. To prevent the spread of germs on the sands surface, sand sterilization can be done using earth-friendly products. This products can also be done in intervals.  The sterilization can also be done on private sandboxes or in daycare centers by pouring hot water with nontoxic household disinfectants into the sandbox once a week to prevent germs from saliva, food and other places.

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