Monday, March 3, 2014

This article is interesting to me because I see this within many relationships all the time with people I know, and have experienced it myself. It is difficult sometimes to be strong and in charge of yourself when so invested in another person, and often if they know that they then will take advantage of it. I can see how one person in the relationship will manipulate the other into feeling certain ways and being stuck in this place of being controlled by the other person. It then becomes an issue because the one person is so dependent on the other and it is difficult to gain their own power back once in this kind of position. This article explains  how there needs to be equal amounts of power and support from both partners in order for the relationship to be a good one, and last. It is often that when one person is prominently more in power, then the relationship will favor those person's wants and needs and therefore, the other person is neglected. This types of relationships never last, and if they do it is because the submissive person isn't strong enough to exist on their own, or strong enough to take the risk of leaving and finding someone better for themselves. The article also discusses specific situations and possible solutions for these issues. Gender roles, sexual orientation, social norms, finances, etc all have a huge effect on these issues. There are many aspects that need to be considered and noted for equality within a relationship, and if people want to make their relationship work, they must look into these qualities.

-Kieva Campbell

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