Monday, March 24, 2014

Special Deisnged Playground


This park is a park specially made for seniors. I think this is pretty interesting because you dont see alot of those in America. This is pretty common in Asia because elder people are usually out walking after each meal, so its often to see seniors in parks working out or talking. But this park is very different than the ones in Asia because this park is only and ONLY for seniors. anyone who is under 16 years old is actually not allowed in the park. All of the equipment you see in this park is five feet tall because of the average height of German population.


This is another interesting and great idea for a park.  We all know that kids have the habit of being picky with food.  This park is smart because it makes the children realises the importance of fruits and vegetable, using more of a friendly approach to show these kids the benefit of fruits and vegetable.  This park is also made after some survey from a hospital. Stockholm hospital has made a estimate that obesity has increased from 8.5% to 21%. What could be better than running around in healthy food.

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