Monday, March 31, 2014


Heckscher Playground:

I love this playground in Central Park mainly because of its water feature. I had no idea it even existed, it must be great in the boiling hot summers. The view is beautiful as well, with surrounding trees and a all of the city in the distance, which is good for the parents/guardians to appreciate. It is large, so there is a lot of room for many children to play, and many different options of things to play on.

Hudson River Park's Pier 25 Playground:

When I was a kid, climbing was my favorite thing to do. If there was no playground, I would climb the trees. This playground has one of the best climbing structures I've seen. This is also right on the water, so it’s a pleasant place for the parents to sit and relax, because it’s a great view. The floor is made of soft material, so that if a child falls, they won’t get hurt too badly.

I see this playground almost everyday, as I walk by it to get to school. Is is really depressing, as its colors are dull and dark and its surroundings are just large buildings. There are barely any trees, and the ground is pretty hard. The gate around it is also ugly, as it reminds me of jail bars. It may not be a large, important park, but they could have at least made it with bright colors to lighten the mood.

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