Sunday, March 23, 2014

Good and bad prejudice


This article talks about the prejudices attached to the LGBT community and how to reduce judgment put onto them as a whole. It states that through sharing experiences to people they know such as friends, family, and neighbors it can cause a domino effect of reduction of prejudice and increase support and social equality. The Know Us Project (KUP) uses mental health providers to support the LGBT group by helping with engagement of intergroup contact that reduces prejudice.

This article talks about how prejudice happens not just from who you know but also where you live. Because there are rarely neighborhoods that are interracial, communities become more prejudice to one another. It says that the government should try to create more mixed communities, schools and such. It talks about how mixed communities tend to have individuals less prejudiced to one another.


This article is about a video and letting children teach gender studies to the world. It covers the idea that children begin to become prejudice at such a young age but because they learn it from someone else, however if you let them be and have their thoughts on why a certain sexual orientation is wrong they would not be able to explain it.

This is an article on how to reduce prejudice. However I do not agree with some of the things listed on here such as traveling, or just staying healthy. These are such surface things that when you really think about it and look at it, it is not truly a factor when it comes to reducing prejudice. When people focus on things such as staying healthy or traveling, an individual can still carry their thoughts about a race or culture, and just because they travel it doesn't mean it will reduce the prejudice they may have. If an individual is overly focused on themselves, and not trying to interact with the outgroup, it will be hard to change thoughts about the outgroup.

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